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It's not all about kink...

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

It's not all about kink... It’s not all about beating ass. It's about positive energy. It’s about kink and relationship compatibility, leather and alignment. It’s about unmatched sadism and unparalleled masochism. It’s about symmetry, and leadership.

It’s about guidance, structure and self-awareness. It’s about protocols, rituals, and mantras.

It’s about trusting the process, going the extra mile. It’s about servitude, mindfulness, discipline, and Mastery

It’s about being my one-stop shop. It's about impregnating me with your wisdom, strength, ethics and leather values. It’s about submission, surrender and obedience. It's about my local BDSM, Leather and Kink communities. It's about serving someone who will tell me, "bitch, shut the fuck up". It’s about being told “good girl” for a job well done...

while being embraced by His smile. It’s about keeping His boot on my neck because the inability to breathe reminds me i am his bottom bitch. It’s about ownership. It’s about chills from his touch and orgasms.....lots of orgasms. It’s about yearning to be at His feet and knowing you belong under His boot. It’s about my eyes looking to the floor like the deplorable filthy slut whore I am. It’s about Master and slave. It’s about Him.

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