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My Mission

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Prior to COVID I was working on developing my kink... the aesthetic... the skillset... “the brand”... As a content creator who is a effectively Poly, Kinky, Pan, & a POC; how do I want to present what I consider my Art to the world so that it is not just another crass presentation or representation?

I am charged to use my art to liberate others and pique curiosity. I endeavor to be an integral cog and consistent part of normalizing kinkiness and liberated expression lifting the stigma by influencing the landscape of iconography. Tools of choice: Developed Aesthetic & Perspective (or POV), Consistency, Attention to Detail, Skillful Execution, Lux/Organic Settings, And Transparent Intentions

Helping people to understand the growth and exhilaration that can come from conquering fears, the fortitude and trauma awareness that can come from confronting and processing pain or discomfort (not synonymous with harm), the liberation and self love that comes from shedding societal or generational shame through self-ownership. All of this enabled by experiencing someone that gives them permission by example. I will continue living life brightly and wholly so that others unconsciously find permissive will to allow theirs to do the same.

This is my mission.

I do hope you enjoy my contribution

I do hope you find your own personal liberation


#mission #why #WIITWD

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