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Well, when talking about Elias P Fishburne IV - quite a lot! Since leaving the US Navy over a decade ago, he's been known to many people in many different roles. He's been known most widely as Mr. Maryland Leather 2016, but that's just the beginning. His pups and those in the pup play community know him as 2018 Mid-Atlantic Handler. To the students at The Salon Professional Academy DC who he inspires as a licensed masters barber and cosmetologist they respectfully call him Sir. To the Prince George's County LGBTQ Task force, he is a fellow board member. At DC's Casa Ruby and other places and events that foster and protect trans youth, Eli is well known to be an ally. To the men of the Mid Atlantic Chapters of ONYX leather fraternity, and the woman of the ONYX pearls, he is a brother.


The Illuminati House of Ra a realized vision of Master Eli Ra. Established in 2016, its core values are based on community, kink/fetish/BDSM, and education. The structure of the House is simply designed to empower and mentor each member based on their starting skill-set to high level proficiency. Every function from Head of House to pup/boy/slave has an important role in the House. “Show Up and Show Out” is woven into the mission for public view to streamline the purpose of demos and public display.

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