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  • W/we are a tribe of complex humans

  • W/we are a registered for-profit business entity and prefer to be compensated for O/our labor

  • W/we are not the authority on any specific subject matter, however, W/we do bring results based experience

  • W/we are not a monolith and/or speaking for all of any specific demographic

  • W/we are not an entity that can be detached from human fallacy, social conditioning and lived experiences

  • W/we are constantly evolving

  • W/we are consistently working to decolonize our thoughts and practices.

"Much like She who's namesake I claim… 

I am Elemental 

I am grounded, some say down to EARTH 

I am resiliently fluid; they say be like the WATER 

I am steadfast, brilliant, and ardent, burning hot like FIRE 

I am either fresh or wild and relentless, much like the WIND.  

I am a highly skilled warrior, a protector, a nurturer.  

I am divinely feminine; I am divinely masculine.  

I am tradition, just as I am change 

I am a BADASS Leather Classicist"

~Xir Oya


Xir Oya

…is your current Mr. Maryland Leather 2020-2021, born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Xir Oya is a Millennial Leather Classicist and kink prodigy and the Head-of-Household for the Tribe of Mount Saint Oya. They were acknowledged as a Sir in Nov. 2019. They were the co-host of LGBT Detroit's 2nd Annual "Cold As Hell" Fundraiser. They also are a contributing writer for kink media outlet, RECON. Xir Oya believes that it is imperative to both, “Welcome change and embrace fundamental tradition,” in order for the community to continue to evolve effectively. They travel for conferences, festivals, and any other educational opportunity or experience that they may draw from to evolve their ability. When they're not in a hot scene, they're always approachable and willing to chat about their journey, or anything leather or kink related!

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